Welcome To CrossFit Eccentric

We offer you an opportunity to participate in small Group Classes or One to One Personal Training sessions under the guidance of our highly experienced, professional coaches.

Are you ready to take control of your transformation?

Why Crossfit Eccentric?


CrossFit class or personal training, whichever you choose we’re going to help you achieve your goals.


Once you complete your fundamentals, you can participate in group classes, with various time slots to choose from.


All our coaches are highly experienced & qualified and will provide you with a top class experience.


We have a limited availability left in our classes, if you would like to enquire about joining us please get in touch.

Success stories

I joined Crossfit Xntrc in May 2021 and wish i joined sooner. I’ve always had a keen interest and believed the training really suited my mentality and values. I kept talking myself out of joining a box because it was never the right time or I believed I needed to be the fittest I’ve ever been just to fit in or survive. Because of this I trained for hours in a commercial gym but always felt out of place as I was the one in the corner doing 1,000 box step ups in a weighted vest and not doing kickbacks whilst texting. CrossFit Xntrc changed my whole perspective as soon as I walked in. Being surrounded by different body types, ages and ability but all working towards the same goal whilst having the biggest smile on their faces. The workouts are varied with great scaling options if not RX just yet, the coaches are knowledgeable and passionate about coaching to get the best out of you. Don’t wait like I did just join.

Katrina Reynolds

I have been involved in competitive sports all my life but three years ago, I decided I needed a new challenge. I joined Crossfit Downpatrick and have never looked back! I am stronger, fitter and leaner than I have ever been…

Colleen Reilly

At a age of 23, I knew it was time to do something about my weight, my best friend Christine Doran is a member of CrossFit Downpatrick and went through a remarkable body transformation in a short space of time and looks amazing.

Claire Duggan

I first heard about the gym from a friend who had joined to get fit and lose weight (he was a big lad). I liked what I heard. He told me that you go to a class and do a workout with other people all at the same time…


CrossFit XNTRC the gym I didn’t know I needed until I joined. Myself and my partner had always had a keen interest in CrossFit, from watching the games to following athletes but we never had the courage to join a box, it was “never the right time”. Post lockdown we decided to bite the bullet and join CrossFit XNTRC Neil was very accommodating to our nerves and answered every question we had, and there was a lot. Since my first day I haven’t looked back. I didn’t know fitness like this, I’ve been in and out of strength programs, transformation plans, if it’s there to be done I’ve tried it. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in with the biggest muscle grown being my smile. Training with amazing people coached by Neil and his amazing coaches all while just having fun. Don’t hesitate just do it.

Chris Armstrong



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